Gabion Faced M.S.E.

Gabion-Faced M.S.E. Retaining Wall: In 1990, we assisted the Federal Highway Administration in developing this type of wall system.  To date, we have supplied the majority of the projects that FHWA has issued.  This wall system consists of our 9-gauge ArtWeld Gabions used as the facing, in conjunction with welded wire soil reinforcement mats used to reinforce the fill vertically every 3 feet. The welded wire soil reinforcement mats match up and connect very nicely to our 3”x3” welded wire gabion baskets.    In all projects we have utilized our premium 9-gauge facing baskets [some projects specify 3-gauge facing panels], because of the superior performance in assembly, backfilling, and alignment.  This system goes together well and by having the soil reinforcement mats spaced every 3 foot vertically, you should also see timely production in your backfilling operations.

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