• Copperstone Mine

The Copperstone Mine Wall in Quartzite, Arizona was constructed in September 2011. The wall construction was provided by Larry Finman with Finman & Associates,  inc. The wall was designed by : Kirk Cesaretti, P.E., Ontiveros & Associates.

Wall Details:

  • Welded Wire Wall (three angle points) and ArtWeld Gabions
  • Maximum Wall Height of 26’
  • Maximum Mat Length of 21’
  • Dead & Live (Traffic) Loading:Two dead loads have been applied to the top of the Wire wall. The concrete Slab is assumed to be 18” thick.  Contributing a 225 psf surcharge directly above the wall. The Gabion wall dead load is assumed to be a 810 psf strip (3’ wide) load directly above the face of the wall. The JD300D Haul Truck is specified loaded at 103.108 lbs.  This load has been evenly distributed upon the concrete dump slab across the footprint of the truck (20.25’x7.75’).  This live load is equivalent to 660 psf and has been applied to all areas beyond the Gabion barrier and directly above the wall at the dump site.
  • Maximum ground acceleration coefficient, A = 0.100
  • 30-year design life – black steel (non-galvanized)
  • 3808 SF of Welded Wire Wall and 76 CY of ArtWeld Gabions
Wall Type: 
ArtWeld Gabions
Welded Wire Wall
Wire Type: 
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Wall Height: 
Wall Size: 
Under 5000 SF