Eureka Reinforced Soil (E.R.S.)

This system is similar in concept and construction to the Welded Wire Wall, with the addition of either precast full-height fascia panels, or a cast-in-place [CIP] finish. For CIP, as the wall is erected form anchors are installed in the correct size and pattern to accommodate the desired form system and pour rates. Upon completion of the wall and any settlement period that may be required, the reinforcing steel and forming system are erected utilizing previously installed form anchors, then the 6"-8" thick fascia is poured and stripped. For Precast, typically two connection brackets are provided at the top of each panel. The completed wall will have the appearance of a non-proprietary cast-in-place wall utilizing virtually any architectural treatment that may be desired. This system is typically utilized in applications where you may encounter poor foundations causing differential settlement within the wall or in an application that may require a special or full height-architectural pattern without horizontal lines. The ERS can also just be treated with a blown mortar [shotcrete] finish. The ERS offers the contractor all of the advantages of “Two-Stage” construction.

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