• Mazapil Mine, Mill Access Ramp

The Mazapil Mine, Mill Access Road is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2010 by Minera Peñasquito S.A. de C.V. with technical assistance by EarthTech West, Ltd., and was designed by Collins Engineers, Inc.

Wall Details:

    • Welded Wire Wall
    • 50-year design life [accelerated corrosion]
    • Loads: DL: 750 kg/m2 (150 PSF);  LL: 2,440 kg/m2 (500 PSF) &  standard AASHTO HS-20 truck              loading.
    • Maximum Wall Height of 43’
    • Maximum Mat Length of 28’
    • 12,536 SF (1,165 SM)

Wall Type: 
Welded Wire Wall
Wire Type: 
Owner Type: 
Wall Height: 
Wall Size: 
Over 5000 SF