Hilfiker Mining Solutions

Hilfiker Retaining Walls has been the leader in design and supply of MSE [Mechanically Stabilized Embankments] for the mining industry since the early 1980's.  We have a proven track record of helping you to ensure on-time designs, material deliveries, and construction assistance by qualified, experienced, and MSHA-trained personnel for your client.  We are able to help all parties with the most expeditious staging and material-handling process at site.


Our wall systems and/or gabions can facilitate earthwork by performing as true abutments for water crossings, haul roads, crusher walls, making grade changes, optimizing land use area on top of the fill area above the hopper or conveyor, and numerous other applications.   Let us help you to optimize your earthwork.  We are constantly challenged with the new mine equipment to design our walls to accommodate greater and greater loads. We adjust our zoning of steel length and wire diameter accordingly. To date, 1.6 million pounds has been the maximum load we have designed for. 



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