The Spiralnail is the most recent addition to the Hilfiker product lineup. Because the Spiralnail is driven directly into the earth, it can be used in a wide array of situations that conventional soil nailing methods cannot.


The Spiralnail system is a soil reinforcement method for use on projects such as retaining walls, stabilizing steep slopes, roadway widening, guardrail support, roadway sub-drainage, and foundation improvement. Spiralnail is compatible with our other systems. It can be used with quick build welded wire facing, gabion facing, "Spider" slope face reinforcement, and pre-cast concrete facing methods. Spiralnails can be used to form a tieback for cast in place or pre-cast panels to build a wall. Spiralnails can be used as effective soil drains. They can also be used to repair or reinforce existing walls. They can be used to support temporary walls and for construction shoring where conventional soil nailing would not be time or cost effective.







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