Reinforced soil retaining walls [commonly grouped as Mechanically Stabilized Embankments - MSE] represent an innovative method of resolving familiar as well as unfamiliar and challenging problems. Instead of regarding soil as a mass to be contained by force, the earth itself is reinforced to become an integral part of the structure. The walls behave as gravity structures in an integral unit and provide structural flexibility. Welded wire mats placed within layers of compacted backfill provide the necessary tensile strength. Native soils at the site or from excavation are often acceptable for backfill. The resulting structure is strong, yet resilient.


Hilfiker Retaining Walls designed and patented the Welded Wire Wall in the early 1970's and has since supplied over 7,000 projects throughout the United States, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Africa, Indonesia, Siberia and South America.


Our other M.S.E. wall systems were a natural evolution of the Welded Wire Wall. Whether your project could benefit from the use of our Welded Wire Wall, SpiralNail, Reinforced Soil Embankment Panel, Steepened Slope, Eureka Reinforced Soil, Gabion-Faced M.S.E., or ArtWeld Gabions, we will provide the level of support you request: specifications, drafting, full (P.E.) design, materials take-off, materials bidding, contractor/previous project referrals, direct shipment to jobsite and qualified technical assistance to begin wall construction.