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    A rich history on hard work and innovation.


  • The Hilfiker Story

The Hilfiker Pipe Company was founded in Eureka, California in 1902 by John Hilfiker.  The company started out fabricating concrete well casings and burial vaults with hand-made tools. Over the decades, the company has been passed down from one generation of Hilfikers to the next, each contributing and developing new and innovative products.

Design and innovation flourished quickly amongst the Hilfikers, and the first Hilfiker Retaining Wall patent was granted to Harold Otto, in 1972 for the Concrib Wall. Harold's son, William K. Hilfiker (Bill), received his first patent for the Welded Wire Wall (1976), a precursor for the now widely accepted M.S.E. Retaining Wall Systems, and our company has since supplied over 10,000 projects throughout the world.

Today, Hilfiker Retaining Walls continues to operate from their Eureka, California facility under the ownership of Bill and Harold, the company's 4th generation of Hilfiker, where they still produce quality precast pipe and concrete products, as well as a full line of retaining wall systems.

The philosophy of our company has, and will continue to be, one of providing quality products and service unparalleled in the industry. We are proud of our reputation for putting the client first in every area of our operations. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success and the success of the customers we serve.

For more about the Hilfiker family and company history, see the articles below written by the original founder’s grandson and inventor of the Welded Wire Wall – Bill Hilfiker, Sr.


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The Hilfiker Story

By: William (Bill) Hilfiker