• Lannon Quarry Stationay Jaw Plant Crusher

The Lannon Quarry Stationary Jaw Plant Crusher is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2016.  The Wall is located in Lannon, WI, and designed by CESaretti Engineered Solutions.


Wall Details:

  • Welded Wire Wall, two angle points
  • Maximum Wall Height of 34’
  • Maximum Mat Length of 24’
  • Live Traffic Surcharge - Loaded CAT 777 Loader on a 34’x21’ Distribution Slab – 505  psfDead Load – 2.0’ Thick Concrete Distribution Slab – 300 psf
  • 50-year design life – Hot Dip Galvanized steel
  • 5,672 SF
Wall Type: 
Welded Wire Wall
Wire Type: 
Owner Type: 
Wall Height: 
Wall Size: 
Over 5000 SF