• Spiralnail

The Hilfiker Spiralnail consists of a 2” schedule 80, twisted square pipe and was initially designed as an alternate to conventional drill-and-grout soil nailing, but its uses are ever expanding. Because the Spiralnail is driven directly into the earth, it can be used in a wide array of situations that conventional soil nailing methods cannot:

  • Soil reinforcement method for retaining walls, stabilizing steep slopes, roadway widening, guardrail support, roadway sub-drainage, or foundation improvement.
  • To form a tieback for cast in place or pre-cast panels, or as effective soil drains.
  • Compatible with other Hilfiker systems.
  • Can be used with quick build welded wire flat mat facing, gabion facing, "Spider", slope face reinforcement, or pre-cast concrete facing.
  • To repair or reinforce existing walls.
  • For top-down construction applications.
  • Quick and effective emergency repairs.
  • To support temporary walls and for construction shoring where conventional soil nailing would not be time or cost effective.





The Wiretruss is a facing system specifically designed to be compatible with the Spiralnails and consists of wire mesh panels bent to form a truss-like configuration.