• Buriticá, Antioquia, Colombia Mine

The Buriticá, Antioquia, Colombia Mine project was constructed in 2018.  Construction supervision was provided by Tom Meehan, Earthtech West, LTD., and the walls were designed by Tom Jepsen, Jepsen Engineering.


Wall Details:

•    Welded Wire Walls – Four locations:  
      Area 6100 WTP, Area 3100 Primary Crusher, Area 6511 Workshop and Area 6950 Loading Station
•    Surcharge Conditions:
•    ULL for crusher 1331 psf, all other areas 500 psf
•    Seismic acceleration of 0.20g
•    50-year design life – Hot Dip Galvanized
•    45,136 TOTAL all 4 areas [18 ea. 40’ OT containers]         
•    Maximum Wall Height of 48’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 34’

Wall Type: 
Welded Wire Wall
Wire Type: 
Owner Type: 
Wall Height: 
Wall Size: 
Over 5000 SF