World Trade Center

The Wold Trade Center Projects (WTC Ramp & WTC Package 4B) are Welded Wire Walls constructed for a foundation rebuild that consisted of a ramp and a temporary pad to support a crane and excavator. The max height of the walls is 34' and both total ~18,000 SF.  The pad was designed for loads of 898 PSF and a Komatsu PC1250LC8 (272,000 LBS), the ramp was designed for a Liebherr LR 1200 (123,000 LBS). The ramp was built by Kiewit Eastern District, designed by Collins Engineering, and owned by the Port Authority of NY / NJ.  The pad was built by Phoenix Construction, also designed by Collins

Panorama West Subdivision

The Panorama West Subdivision project consists of Steepened Slope and Welded Wire Wall.  The Steepened Slope is approximately 45,000 SF with a max height of 80'.  Also, there is approximately 6,600 SF of Welded Wire Wall.  The project is located in Bonney Lake, WA and was was built by Olson Bros. Excavating, Inc.

Base to Base Gondola, KT-22

The Base to Base Gondola, KT-22 project is a Welded Wire Wall with ArtWeld Gabions on top, constructed in 2022. The Welded Wire Wall is 4,640 SF and 30' tall, it also consists of 330 CY of ArtWeld Gabions.  The wall was built by Sierra Nevada Construction, designed by NV5, and owned by Palisades Tahoe.

Beartooth Highway WY

The Beartooth Highway Project is a Welded Wire Wall that is located in Cody, WY. The wall was constructed in 2021 / 2022  by Structures Inc., and Missouri River Contractors, LLC.  The Welded Wire Wall is 34,480 SF, and 34' tall.  The wall was designed by Kane Geotech, Inc., and is owned by Federal Highway, Central Federal Lands.

Simonds Road Property

The Simonds Road Property project is a Spiralnail wall constructed in 2020.  The wall consists of  147 Spiralnails, 147 Flat mats, and is approximately 9,900 SF.  The wall was built by KLB Construction, and designed by Cesaretti Engineered Solutions.

Crusher Relocation Wall 2020

The Crusher Relocation Wall 2020 was constructed by Kiewit, and designed by Bret Debernardi with Gordon Geotechnical Engineering, Inc.


•    Welded Wire Walls (4 walls total, 4 angle points total)
•    Maximum Wall Height of 122’
•    Maximum Matt Length of 98’ 
•    Loads: 4,640 psf, CAT 797F (or Komatsu 930E) Mine Trucks, Crawler & Crusher Load: 5700 psf
•    Design Life of 20 years – Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
•    96,592 SF