• Chirano Ghana Mine

The Chirano Ghana Mine project was constructed in 2013, and is located in Ghana, West Africa.  The wall was designed by SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists.

Wall Details:

  • Welded Wire Walls (two walls with one angle point each)
  • Maximum Wall Height of 42’
  • Maximum Mat Length of 32’
  • Loads: 3’ soil surcharge, 375 psf.  CAT 998B, 1,900 psf
  • Lower tier of headwall is 2,200 psf from the crusher supports.
  • 50-year design life – Hot Dipped Galvanized steel
  • 581.20 SM / 6256 SF of Welded Wire Wall
Wall Type: 
Welded Wire Wall
Wire Type: 
Owner Type: 
Wall Height: 
Wall Size: 
Over 5000 SF