• Stonewell Mining Project

The Stonewell Mining Project is a welded wire wall project constructed in June 2015. The project is located Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada. The wall designer was Kirk Cesaretti, P.E., Ontiveros, Cesaretti & Prebor and the contractor was Maple Leaf Construction, Ltd. 

Wall Details:

•    Welded Wire Wall (two angle points)
•    Maximum Wall Height of 34’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 24’
•    Loads for ore dump:
Traffic Load – CAT 773G Loaded is 102,738 kg (226,500 lbs) distributed evenly on wheel
base of 3.96m x 4.27m (13’x14’), LL is 59.6 kPa (1,245 psf) @ 4’ from face of wall
•    Seismic acceleration of 0.20g
•    50-year design life – Hot Dip Galvanized steel
•    3,416 SF / 317.36 SM

Wall Type: 
Welded Wire Wall
Wire Type: 
Owner Type: 
Wall Height: 
Wall Size: 
Under 5000 SF