• Teller County Mine Wall Service Life Extension


•    Spiralnails, Non-Galvanized/Black Steel, 134 Each, 16’ – 42’ lengths
•    Spiralnails spaced at 3’ vertical and 4’-8’ horizontal

In 1994, a Hilfiker Welded Wire Wall (72’ tall, 8-year design life), designed by MacIntosh Engineering, was constructed at the site and utilized as a truck dump supporting 162 ton GVW trucks.  In 2001, an addition to the structure, also a Welded Wire Wall designed by MacIntosh Engineering, was constructed.

In 2011, a design analysis by Collins Engineers, Inc. determined that corrosion, as anticipated, would limit extending the future service life of the structure.  A Spiralnail system to extend the service life an additional 10 years, as required by the owner, was designed by Collins Engineers, supplied by Hilfiker, and construction by EarthTech West.  Construction also included placing a berm at the toe of the existing wall.


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Over 5000 SF