South Field Crusher MSE Relocation

The South Field Crusher MSE Relocation wall is a welded wire wall constructed in November 1999. The project is located in in Gillette, Wyoming. The general contactor was TIC - The Industrial Company and the wall designer was Geotechnical Design Services Inc.

Wall Details:
        •  Design Loading: Komatsu 830E off-road, end dump trucks 
        •  7 year design life [non-galv.wire]    
        •  Maximum Wall height 40’
        •  Maximum Mat length of 27’ 
        •  4,832 SF  [designed as wingwalls, adjacent to crusher]

SR-114 Geneva Road

The SR-114 Geneva Road is a Spiralnail project constructed in 2012 by the Slaton Bros.  This project consists of 20 hot dipped galvanized Spiralnails ranging from 16'-26' for supplemental load requirements for each concrete precast panel, range from 4-21.3 Kips.

After installation of an MSE precast wall system, a potential structural problem compromised the safety factor.  As a pre-emptive measure to restore the safety factor, Hilfiker supplied Spiralnails that were installed through the face of the panels to mitigate the problem and provide supplementary reinforcement. 

Lot 121 Deer Crest-Pichinson Residence

Lot 121 Deer Crest-Pichinson Residence is a Welded Wire Wall / Spiralnail project. The Lot 121 Deer Crest-Pichinson Residence project was bulilt in 2008 and consists of 2200 SF of Welded Wire Wall, and 96 Spiralnails. 

This project was to add on to an existing wall that was installed about 10 years prior.  The 10 year old wall needed and additional 20' of Welded Wire Wall on top of the existing wall. The wall is now a tiered with a height of 46'.  For additional reinforcement, Spiralnails were installed in the existing wall to account for the load of the new wall on top.

West Slope Water District Reservoir

The West Slope Water District Reservoir project is a Spiralnail truss wall built in 2008, and located in Multnomah County, OR.  The wall consists of 3,680 SF of Spiralnail truss with a wall height of 44' and a max Spiralnail length of 24'.  The Wall was built by TBH & Associates, LLC, it was designed by Aziz Engineering Company, and is owned by the West Slope Water District.

Miller Creek

Miller Creek is a Spiralnail / Trinity Wall project was built in 2005, and located 14 Miles from Clatskanie, Oregon.  This project consists of 5,574 SF of Trinity Wall, and 300 Spiralnails.  The wall height is 35' with a maximum Spiralnail length of 24'.  The Miller Creek project was constructed by Columbia Soil & Water Conservation District, is owned by the Lower Columbia River Water Council, and was Designed by Aziz Engineering Co.

ERFO Road 1934 MP 2.1

The ERFO Road 1934 MP 2.1 project is a Welded Wire Wall located in the Willamette National Forest, Lane County, OR.  The wall was built by Weekly Bros., Inc., it is 7250 SF, and 40' Tall.  It is owned by the USDA Forest Service, Siuslaw National Forest, and was designed by the USDA Forest Service.

Le Reve Hotel & Casino

Le Reve Hotel & Casino is a ERS wall located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The wall was constructed in 2004, it is 100,000 sf, and 30' tall.  The Le Reve Hotel & Casino project was constructed by Southern Nevada Paving, Inc. / EarthTech West, Ltd., designed by Golder Associates, Inc., and owned by Le Reve Hotel & Casino.

Red Hills Parkway

The Red Hills Parkway project is a Welded Wire Wall constructed in 2012, and located in Washington County, Utah.  The Red Hills Parkway Welded Wire Wall is 25,000 SF, and 45 feet tall.  The wall was constructed by EarthTech West, Ltd., Designed by Geotechnical Design System Inc., and owned by the State of Utah DOT.

Teller County Mine Wall Service Life Extension


•    Spiralnails, Non-Galvanized/Black Steel, 134 Each, 16’ – 42’ lengths
•    Spiralnails spaced at 3’ vertical and 4’-8’ horizontal

In 1994, a Hilfiker Welded Wire Wall (72’ tall, 8-year design life), designed by MacIntosh Engineering, was constructed at the site and utilized as a truck dump supporting 162 ton GVW trucks.  In 2001, an addition to the structure, also a Welded Wire Wall designed by MacIntosh Engineering, was constructed.