Crusher Relocation Wall 2020

The Crusher Relocation Wall 2020 was constructed by Kiewit, and designed by Bret Debernardi with Gordon Geotechnical Engineering, Inc.


•    Welded Wire Walls (4 walls total, 4 angle points total)
•    Maximum Wall Height of 122’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 98’ 
•    Loads: 4,640 psf, CAT 797F (or Komatsu 930E) Mine Trucks, Crawler & Crusher Load: 5700 psf
•    Design Life of 20 years – Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
•    96,592 SF


US 30 Portneuf River Bridges

The US 30 Portneuf River Bridges project is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2010 by Scarsella Bros., Inc.  The wall is 36' tall, 36,277 SF, and is located in Bannock County, ID.  The wall was designed by Bret DeBernardi, P.E., now with Gordon Geotechnical Engineering, Inc., and owned by Idaho Department of Transportation. 

La Colorado, Sonora, Mexico Mine

La Colorado, Sonora, Mexico Mine was constructed in 2013.  The wall was designed by Jepsen Engineering, construction supervision was provided by Hilfiker Retaining Walls.

•    Welded Wire Wall
•    Maximum Wall Height of 38’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 28’
•    Uniform live load surcharge of 500 psf
•    10-year design life – Black steel / non-galvanized
•    524.34 SM / 5642 SF of Welded Wire Wall

Galena Ridge Golf Community

The Galena Ridge Golf Community project is a Welded Wire Wall constructed in 2007.  The wall is 42' tall, 12,728 SF with 546 CY of ArtWeld Gabion on top, and is located at the Galena Ridge Golf Community in Kellog, ID.  The Galena Ridge Golf Community Welded Wire Wall was constructed by Knife River (Hap Taylor & Sons), designed by American Geotechnics Inc., and is owned by Silver Mountain Resort.

De Pere - Suamico, Morris Ave-Memorial Dr., Call# 21

The De Pere - Suamico, Morris Ave-Memorial Dr., Call# 21 project is a ERS wall constructed in 2012-2014.  This ERS wall is 164,216 SF, 38' tall, and is located in Howard, WI. The wall was constructed by Hoffman Construction Company, the panels were manufactured and set by Lunda Construction Company, and the wall is owned by WisDOT.

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