Round Mountain Nevada Primary Crusher Relocation

The Round Mountain Nevada Primary Crusher Relocation is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2008 by EarthTech West, Ltd.,  and was designed by Tom Jepsen, P.E.

Wall Details:

• Welded Wire Wall
• 20-year design life 
• Loads: CAT 793B, Confined to a concrete slab.
• Maximum calculated applied bearing pressure = 10,340 psf
• Maximum Wall Height of 58’
• Maximum Mat Length of 42’
• 17,880 SF

Mazapil Mine, Mill Access Ramp

The Mazapil Mine, Mill Access Road is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2010 by Minera Peñasquito S.A. de C.V. with technical assistance by EarthTech West, Ltd., and was designed by Collins Engineers, Inc.

Wall Details:

    • Welded Wire Wall
    • 50-year design life [accelerated corrosion]
    • Loads: DL: 750 kg/m2 (150 PSF);  LL: 2,440 kg/m2 (500 PSF) &  standard AASHTO HS-20 truck              loading.
    • Maximum Wall Height of 43’
    • Maximum Mat Length of 28’
    • 12,536 SF (1,165 SM)

Mongolia Mining Project

The Mongolia Mining Project is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2011.  The project is located in Khanbogd, South Gobi, Mongolia, Mongolia.  It was designed by Collins Engineers, Inc. and was built by China Construction Development Co. 

Wall Details:

Vernal Crusher Relocation Project

The Vernal Crusher Relocation Project is a welded wire wall constructed in June 2014 located in Vernal, Utah. The wall designer is Glen Palmer, Palmer Engineering, LLC and the wall builder is West Rock Oil Field Services with the on-site technical assistance provided by Talle Meehan, EarthTech West, Ltd.

Wall Details:

•    Welded Wire Wall (double wall)
•    Maximum Wall Height of 30’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 40’
•    Non-Galvanized / Black steel
•    7,456 SF of Welded Wire Wall

Stonewell Mining Project

The Stonewell Mining Project is a welded wire wall project constructed in June 2015. The project is located Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada. The wall designer was Kirk Cesaretti, P.E., Ontiveros, Cesaretti & Prebor and the contractor was Maple Leaf Construction, Ltd. 

Wall Details:

Meeker Colorado Mine Crusher Wall

The Meeker Colorado Mine Crusher Wall was built in 2018 by EarthTech West Ltd, and was designed by Jepsen Engineering.

Wall Details:

•    Welded Wire Wall (four angle points)
•    Maximum Wall Height of 80’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 58.25’
•    Loads: 750 PSF for a Komatsu 830E-Mine Haul Truck
•    30- year design life – Hot- Dipped Galvanized
•    13,296 SF (Crusher Wall) 2,336 SF (Wing Walls)

Chihuahua, Mexico Mining Application

The Chihuahua, Mexico Mining Application project is two welded wire walls constructed in July. The engineers on the project are Kappes, Cassiday & Associates. The MSE wall designer is Tom Jepsen, P.E., Jepsen Engineering. 

Wall Details:

•    Welded Wire Walls, two 
•    Maximum Wall Height of 54’
•    Maximum Mat Length of 38’
•    Uniform Live Load Surcharge of 600 PSF for a CAT 777 mine haul truck
•    Seismic Acceleration of 0.08g
•    25-year design life – Hot Dip Galvanized steel
•    28,840 SF