Chinden Blvd & Curtis Rd.

The Chinden Blvd & Curtis Rd. project is a single stage panel wall constructed in 2021 by Compliance Solutions and Contracting.  The wall is 10' tall, 1223 SF, and located in Ada County, ID.  We also supplied materials for the temp shoring with our Spiralnails. The temp shoring consisted of 12 spiralnails and 3 5x16 W4 flat mats. The wall was designed by American Geotechnics, Inc., and owned by Ada County Highway District.

City of Puyallup WSU Lid Frontage Improvements

The City of Puyallup WSU Lid Frontage Improvements project is a Spiralnail Truss wall, and multiple gabion walls. The Spiralnail Truss wall is 3,156 SF of Truss, and 177 Spiralnails.  The gabion walls consist of 830 CY of ArtWeld Gabions.  The walls were constructed in 2021 by Reed Trucking and Excavating, Inc.  The Spiralnail Truss Wall was designed by Cesaretti Engineered Solutions, and all walls are owned by the City of Puyallup.