Albany Railroad / Golf Course Bridge

The Albany Railroad / Golf Course Bridge Project is a Trinity Wall constructed in 2008. This is a unique project which utilized Trinity Baskets to reinforce an old wood railroad support.  Building the Trinity Baskets around the existing railroad tresses allowed the train to continue to operate during construction.  This project  is located in Linn County, OR, it consists of 2350 cy of Trinity baskets, and was built by Willamette & Pacific Railroad.

Timber Sky

Timber Sky is an ArtWeld Gabion project located in Flagstaff AZ.  This project consists of 125 CY of ArtWeld Gabions, and was constructed in 2019.  This project is privately owned and was built by Warner's Landscape Company.

Grandview Overlook

Grandview Overlook is a ArtWeld Gabion Project Located in Page, AZ.  The project consists of 190 CY of ArtWeld Gabions constructed in 2020.  The Grandview Overlook project was built by the Canyon Club of Page Foundation, and is owned by the City of Page / Canyon Club of Page Foundation.

Colonel Nesmith Readiness Center

The Colonel Nesmith Readiness Center is a Artweld Gabion / Trinity Wall constructed in 2012 and located in Polk County, Oregon. The project consists of 310 CY of Artweld Gabions, and 394 CY of Trinity Baskets. The project was constructed by KeyWest Retaining Systems, Inc., designed by SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, and owned by the Oregon Military Department.

Caparrella High Valley Farms

The Caparrella High Valley Farms Project is a Trinity Basket wall constructed in 2014.  This project consists of 1140 SF / 50 CY of Trinity Baskets located in Basalt, CO.  The wall is privately owned it was built by GM Johnson Construction / Suarez Masonry, and the architect was Rowland+Broughton.

Columbus Land Port of Entry

The Columbus Land Port of Entry is a ArtWeld Gabion project constructed in 2019, and located in Columbus, NM.  This project consists of 693 cy of non-galvanized ArtWeld Gabions.  The Columbus Land Port of Entry project was constructed by Accent Landscape Contractor's, Inc., and is owned by the U.S. General Services Administration.

Photo Credit: Robert Reck, Richter Architects

Moscow Mountain Passing Lanes

The Moscow Mountain Passing Lanes is a Welded Wire Wall construced in 2009 and is located on US 95, Latah County, ID. The Moscow Mountain Passing Lanes wall is 11,500 sf and 14' tall.  It was built by Debco Construction, desiged by Stanley Crawforth, PE with American Geo Technics and owned by the State of Idaho Transportation Department.