Municipal Service Complex

The Municipal Service Complex is a ArtWeld Gabion wall constructed in 2013.  The project is located at the Municipal Service Complex in Jersey City, NJ.  The Wall consists of 564 CY or ArtWeld Gabions, it was constructed by Vollers Excavating & Construction, Inc., and is owned by the city of Jersey.

Bull Arm Mining Project

The Bull Arm Mining Project Is a welded wire wall constructed in December 2012 located in Bull Arm, Newfoundland, Canada. The wall designer was Geotechnical Design Services and the wall builder was Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors. Materials. 

Wall Details:

  • Welded Wire Wall
  • Maximum Wall Height of 26’
  • Maximum Mat Length of 18’
  • 2-year design life – non-galvanized
  • 4,040 SF

62nd Ave NW / 144th St. NW

The 62nd Ave NW / 144th St. NW project is a Spiralnail-Wiretruss wall that was constructed in 2019.  This Spiralnail-Wiretruss wall is 6,200 sf with 364 Spiralnails, and 19 feet tall.  The wall was constructed by Active Construction, Inc. / Omega Construction, Inc., designed by CESaretti Engineered Solutions, and owned by Pierce County Planning & Public Works.

I-15 Northgate IC

The I-15 Northgate IC is a Eureka Reinforced Soil wall constructed in 2019.  This Eureka Reinforced Soil wall is 11,000 sf and 22 feet tall. The wall was constructed by Cannon Builders, Inc., was designed by SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, and is owned by the Idaho Transportation Department.

Copperstone Mine

The Copperstone Mine Wall in Quartzite, Arizona was constructed in September 2011. The wall construction was provided by Larry Finman with Finman & Associates,  inc. The wall was designed by : Kirk Cesaretti, P.E., Ontiveros & Associates.

Wall Details:

Mallard Pointe

The Mallard Pointe Project is a Spiralnail-Wiretruss Wall located in Issaquah, WA that was constructed in 2019.  The wall consists of 4200 sf of Truss Panels, and 586 Spiralnails. The max height of the truss panels is  18', with an overall max wall height of 30'. The wall is privately owned, was built by Steve Burnstead Construction / Omega Construction, Inc., and was designed by Aziz Engineering Company.

Sterling Highway

The Sterling Highway project is a Welded Wire Wall that was constructed in 2018.  The wall is located in Sterling, AK, it is 10,300 square feet and 20 feet tall.  The Wall was built by Contech Engineered Solutions / Granite Construction, designed by Pacific Affiliates, and is owned by Alaska Department of Transportation.