ERFO 2012(4), Power Ranger District

ERFO 2012(4), Power Ranger District, is an ArtWeld Gabion wall constructed in 2014.  The wall has a max height of 18', consists of 314 CY of ArtWeld Gabions, and is located at the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.  The wall was built by Johnson Rock Products, owned by the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, and designed by the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region as well.

Jeff Mack Bridge

The Jeff Mack Bridge project is a Welded Wire Wall bridge Abutment constructed in 2017.  The Jeff Mack Bridge project is 576 SF, 8 feet tall, and located in Millville, CA.  The wall was constructed by JH Mack Construction, it was designed by Cesaretti Engineered Solutions, and is privately owned.

RiverBend Place Manpower

The RiverBend Place Manpower project is a ERS wall constructed in 2007. This ERS wall is located in Milwaukee, WI, the wall is 6472 SF,  with a max height of 14'.  The Wall was built by C W Purpero, Inc., it was designed by Tom Jepsen, Jepsen Engineering, and is owned by Manpower.

Miller Ranch Barn

The Miller Ranch Barn is a ArtWeld Gabion project constructed in 2011.  This project utilized special ordered materials other than what we typically manufacture our gabions from (hot dip galvanized W5 Wire).  This project consists of 365 CY of ArtWeld Gabions located in Vanderpool, TX.  The ArtWeld Gabions are privetly owned and was constructed by Duecker Construction Company, Inc.

Rush Road to 13th Street

The Rush Road to 13th Street project is a ERS wall constructed in 2008.  The wall is 28' tall, 27,600 SF, and located in Chehalis, Washington.  The Rush Road to 13th Street wall was built by Scarsella Bros. Inc., designed by SHN Consulting Engineers and Geologists, and owned by WSDOT.

Center Street Bridge

The Center Street Bridge Project is a Welded Wire Wall constructed in 2008.  The wall is 20' tall, 10,300 SF, and located in Clearfield Utah.  The Center Street Bridge was constructed by Baker Construction, and owned by the City of Clearfield.