TriMet Portland Milwaukie Light Rail (PMLR) - East Segment

The TriMet Portland Milwaukie Light Rail (PMLR) - East Segment is a Spiralnail and ERS wall constructed in 2013.  The project consists of 113 Spiralnails, 1208 SF of truss panel, and 1536 SF of ERS wall. A section of the wall (section a) consists of driving Spiralnails in an existing wall and attaching a cast in place face to the nails acting as a form anchor.  Another portion (section b) consists of nails into the existing wall with truss panel facing behind the cast in place face with a section of compacted backfill between the existing wall and the truss panel facing.  The last section (

Dexter Pit Park Development

The Dexter Pit Park Development project (Thomas C. Wales Park) located in Seattle, WA, consists of 230 CY of ArtWeld Gabions as well as quarry rings made from curved ArtWeld Gabions. it was constructed by Retaining Walls Northwest, owned by Seattle Parks and Recreation Dept., and designed by Site Workshop LLC Landscape Architects and Adam Kuby.  

Pat Hurley Park

The Pat Hurley Park project consists of 906 CY of ArtWeld Gabions.  The project is located in Albuquerque, NM, was built by TLC Plumbing and Utility, and owned by the City of Albuquerque, Parks and Recreation.

Caltrans 01-0F1604

The Caltrans 01-0F1604 project is a Welded Wire Wall constructed in 2022.  The wall is 5,856 SF, 22' tall, and located on HWY 36 by Carlotta, CA.  The wall was constructed by GR Sundberg, designed by Cesaretti Engineered Solutions, and owned by Caltrans.  

ERFO NP YELL 2022-1 - Yellowstone

The ERFO NP YELL 2022-1 project is a Hilfiker Facing with Geogrid wall built in 2022, and located in Gardiner, MT.  The wall is 26' tall, 13,744 SF and built by Valley Fence, Inc.  Northwest linings facilitated the supply of the Hilfiker Facing materials, and provided the geogrid. The prime contractor is HK Contractors, and the wall is owned by Federal Highway Administration.